The Buying Process

Buying Process

We offer you several choices of purchasing from us:

1. Buy Online – you can purchase right on our website, using your credit card or bank transfer. We try to make the process as easy and as streamlined as possible for you. Just buy online, and get the deed recorded in your name, without ever leaving your chair.

2. Title company – we can close through a Title company of either your choice or we can recommend one. You would be responsible for paying for Title & Escrow services, at about $800-$900 per property.

We recommend you use option #1 and buy right online, as it is easiest for everyone, and we try to make the process as easy and as convenient for you.

No! You don’t need them, unless you really want to use them. We take care to make sure our properties are affordably priced, relatively discounted compared to similar properties in the area. We do this by removing middlemen and unnecessary processes (like drone video footage, surveys, staking and fencing). We don’t “dress” the property up, in order to keep our costs down, so we may offer them to you at the lowest possible prices.

Once you select your property (or properties), you can choose the “Pay in Full” option. Then, fill in your billing and shipping information, choose how you’d like the deed to be handled (either sent to you or transferred into your name with the county), enter your payment information, and hit “Submit”.

Once we get the deeds out to you or to the county, we will notify you and send you a tracking number for you to track the mailed deed.

Once transferred into your name, you will get a stamped deed from the county, notifying you the property is now in your name. Please keep this deed in a safe place for future reference.

For most properties you have the option of either buying cash or using buying in equal easier payments. This is what we call buying in “installments”. Typically you choose the amount of down payment you’d like to begin with, and the rest of the payments would be made monthly.

Note that in order to get the cheapest price, we recommend purchasing using the cash option. You can pay right online using your credit card.

When we offer the purchase of a property with installments, we incur a holding cost for the alternative on using the money we have tied up in the property. The time value of money and in order to make up for that cost, we need to charge an interest on the property. That is why the cost of financed properties is typically higher.

In order to get the cheapest, most convenient price, we recommend you purchase using the cash sale option.

When buying in installments, the payment is typically due on the 1st of the month. If you pay until the 3rd, you are not considered late. After that we typically have a charge of $35 per late payment.

We’re people, we understand life happens. If you know you’re going to be late one month, please let us know in advance and we can work something out.

Of course! That’s what this site is for. We’ve invested heavily in making the buying process simple for you to be able to buy land right on our website, using a credit card or bank transfer. You can even buy the property using our owner financing terms, right on our site. What could be easier? :)

We accept all major credit cards on our website. You can also pay for cash purchases by bank transfer.

Sure. On our website you can find the option for a “3-day reservation”. This means that you would pay 10% for us to hold the property for you for 3 days. Then you can visit the property, and decide if it’s right for you. If not, just let us know before the 3 days are up.

If you decide to move ahead with the purchase, you would pay the remaining 90%, and the property would be yours. In case you decided it was not for you, you would be refunded the full amount and the property would be re-advertised on the website.

Not a problem at all. We can provide you with a reputable Title company in the area, or you can choose your own. Due to the low prices at which we offer our properties, we typically do not participate in the closing cost payments for Title services.

We’re a reputable company registered in Oregon. We’ve done hundreds of transactions with satisfied customers who are proud landowners now. (check out our Testimonials). You can always call the County Recorder and ask if the property is truly in our name. If you still don’t trust us you can always purchase from us through a Title Company.

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Property Related

Parcel Information

We are not real estate agents. All our land is either owned by us, or is in the process of being purchased. As we buy properties in bulk, we sometimes sell the property before the County Recorder has the chance to record our purchase.

When you buy from the actual owners of the property, you don’t pay any fees to a middleman. Those fees could be between 6%-10% per side. If you can buy directly from the owner, that’s a lot of money saved, and we’d rather pass of those savings back to you.

We put everything we know about our properties in their sales pages. In most cases, we don’t know more than what’s on there.

We buy our properties in bulk or individually from private owners who don’t want them anymore. We offer these properties at significant discounts, since we’d like to sell them quicker than make more money on each one.

In most cases, our properties are priced so that if you’d like to resell them, you would be able to make a profit on them as well.

When we sell our property to you, we will offer you good, clear title via either a Bargain & Sale Deed or Special Warranty Deed.

Most of our properties are not fenced off. You can visit the properties whenever you like. There’s no need to call ahead or schedule a visit.

We buy our properties either in bulk or individually from private owners who don’t want them any more. We then turn around and offer these properties to you at a very affordable price, usually much below comparable properties in the area. In order to do that we try to keep our costs as low as possible, and this is the reason we don’t conduct surveys.

That being said, you can always conduct your own survey if you like.

Most of our rural properties have no electricity, septic or water. You’d need to either to use solar power, dig a septic (permit required) and dig a well (permit required).

Properties inside the city or town limits generally DO have utilities.

Not usually. Mineral rights have been stripped long before we bought our properties.

Unless otherwise specified in your purchase agreement and as long as you are not inside the town or city limits, as far as we know you can raise animals or grow crops on the property. Nevertheless, a verification with the county planning department is always a good idea before you make your purchase.

Generally, no. Once the property is deeded in your name, you may do with it as you please.

In Oregon, you can contact the County’s Building Department or Planning & Zoning Department:

County Name Phone
Deschutes Building Safety (541) 388-6575
Lake Planning Dept (541) 947-6036


In Lake County OR, you are welcome to call any of these local well drilling companies. (We’re not affiliated with any of them).


Company Phone County
Valley View Well Drilling 541-504-7801 Lake
Clyde Blackman Well Drilling 541-576-2395 Lake
Fry Industries 541-533-2509 Lake
Seach Drilling 541-576-2189 Lake
Aiken Well Drilling 541-548-1245 Deschutes
Abbas Well Drilling 541-548-2787 Deschutes

For central Oregon (Lake & Deschutes County), you can contact Mid State Electric: 541-536-2126 or 1-800-752-5935

No. You can hold on to the property for as long as you like. If it’s a buildable lot, you’ll need to get a building permit before initiating any kind of construction, but other than that there’s no time limit on building.

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Each property is different. All our listings have the latest property tax information in the Details section. You can always go to the County’s Tax Assessor website, put in the APN and verify the property tax information.

Generally, no. We always sell our properties free of any liens and back taxes. On several occasions, you may encounter some properties that do have property taxes that are past due. In such a case, we will put that in our listing, and notify you of it, before you make the purchase.

In our Land Contract/Installment/Land for Deed sales, you the buyer are responsible for paying the property taxes, special assessments or HOA fees (if any apply) on the property, for as long as your payments are due. As we do not record the deed in your name until the last payment is made, the notices of payment come to us. In turn, we notify you of the upcoming payment, and when you make a payment to us, we pay the property taxes or other dues, and send you the receipt of payment.

For cash sales, once you get the deed transferred to your name, you will get the tax and other dues notifications to the mailing address you specified on the deed.

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General Questions


You can find our Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy

You can find our refund policy here: Refund Policy

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