Is there a time frame to build on the property?

No. You can hold on to the property for as long as you like. If it’s a buildable lot, you’ll need to get a building permit before initiating any kind of construction, but other than that there’s no time limit on building.

Who can I ask about electric power hook-up and costs?

For central Oregon (Lake & Deschutes County), you can contact Mid State Electric: 541-536-2126 or 1-800-752-5935

What if I have questions about water depth or well drilling?

In Lake County OR, you are welcome to call any of these local well drilling companies. (We’re not affiliated with any of them).


Company Phone County
Valley View Well Drilling 541-504-7801 Lake
Clyde Blackman Well Drilling 541-576-2395 Lake
Fry Industries 541-533-2509 Lake
Seach Drilling 541-576-2189 Lake
Aiken Well Drilling 541-548-1245 Deschutes
Abbas Well Drilling 541-548-2787 Deschutes

Who do I contact if I need more information about the property’s zoning or development questions?

In Oregon, you can contact the County’s Building Department or Planning & Zoning Department:

County Name Phone
Deschutes Building Safety (541) 388-6575
Lake Planning Dept (541) 947-6036


Can I raise animals or crops on the property?

Unless otherwise specified in your purchase agreement and as long as you are not inside the town or city limits, as far as we know you can raise animals or grow crops on the property. Nevertheless, a verification with the county planning department is always a good idea before you make your purchase.

Are mineral rights included in the sale?

Not usually. Mineral rights have been stripped long before we bought our properties.

Does the property have utilities?

Most of our rural properties have no electricity, septic or water. You’d need to either to use solar power, dig a septic (permit required) and dig a well (permit required).

Properties inside the city or town limits generally DO have utilities.

Do you provide recent surveys of your land for sale?

We buy our properties either in bulk or individually from private owners who don’t want them any more. We then turn around and offer these properties to you at a very affordable price, usually much below comparable properties in the area. In order to do that we try to keep our costs as low as possible, and this is the reason we don’t conduct surveys.

That being said, you can always conduct your own survey if you like.

How do I plan a site visit?

Most of our properties are not fenced off. You can visit the properties whenever you like. There’s no need to call ahead or schedule a visit.