Who is responsible for the yearly property taxes, special assessments or HOA fees (if any)?

In our Land Contract/Installment/Land for Deed sales, you the buyer are responsible for paying the property taxes, special assessments or HOA fees (if any apply) on the property, for as long as your payments are due. As we do not record the deed in your name until the last payment is made, the notices of payment come to us. In turn, we notify you of the upcoming payment, and when you make a payment to us, we pay the property taxes or other dues, and send you the receipt of payment.

For cash sales, once you get the deed transferred to your name, you will get the tax and other dues notifications to the mailing address you specified on the deed.

Are there liens or back taxes due on the property?

Generally, no. We always sell our properties free of any liens and back taxes. On several occasions, you may encounter some properties that do have property taxes that are past due. In such a case, we will put that in our listing, and notify you of it, before you make the purchase.

How much are the annual property taxes?

Each property is different. All our listings have the latest property tax information in the Details section. You can always go to the County’s Tax Assessor website, put in the APN and verify the property tax information.